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The images may be used without charge, strictly for the promotion and marketing of tourism related activity within the four North Wales designated landscapes.

Copyright on all imagery is retained by the photographer and is reproduced with the permission of the copyright holder under the following terms:

1) A non-exclusive, non-transferable, perpetual, right to use, and reproduce Images on –
• tourism related websites and social media sites.
• tourism related print media, up to a max reproduction of A4 page size
• Incorporated into tourism related film, video, multimedia presentations, or tourism related advertising for broadcast, public performance, or streaming.
2) All other rights to the images are expressly reserved by the copyright holder.
3) If desired, the photographer can specify that whenever an image is used it must be credited with “©Photographers Name”. This caption must appear either on top of, or alongside the image or within a ‘credit section’ within the website, article or publication in question.
4) Any other use of the images (including, but not restricted to, promotion of non- tourism related, or commercial products, or defamatory or obscene use) is strictly prohibited.
5) Resale or redistribution of any of the licensed imagery is expressly prohibited.
6) Images may be cropped but otherwise will remain unchanged. No digital manipulation or derivative works.
7) Use of images indicates acceptance of all of the above.
8) Any prohibited use of licensed imagery is prosecutable under UK, European & international Law.


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